Osbert Parker

Osbert Parker interview taken from Communication Arts Magazine. March/April 1996 By Noreen O''Leary.

"It's a bit strange having to verbalise and write down my work process, as I'm use to visualising and instinctively doing it without thinking about it - I guess that's why I'm a director and not a writer!", Parker claims. "An important starting point for me is within a sketchbook. 
The sketchbook is my playground, a paper playground. It's a world where there are absolutely no agencies, no clients, no budgets and no rules. I'm limited only by my imagination and the tools I have around me at that point in time.

"I may or may not have an idea in mind when I start work in my sketchbook, but whatever it is I'm developing, whether it's a technique, a character, a story or simply an idea, my objective always remains the same - to playfully explore and to discover the unexpected.

"I find that working spontaneously, for example, sketching, cutting out and creating collages are some excellent and immediate ways of creating that unexpected happening or interesting juxtapositions.

"The results, whether good or bad, most importantly allow me to see something in a new way. This is the key that opens a door in my mind and leads me into the corridor of possibilities - my favorite place. It's where I'll experiment and develop an idea with the intention to surprise myself, and ultimately to excite and inspire an audience. This method will often develop an idea very quickly into a new visual style or technique that I'll often use to enhance the personality of a character, or the message of a film or even a commercial.

"The pages within my sketchbook are exploratory and personal visual record of my pursuit for a unique cinematic language which comes not only from my mind, but also from my heart."